Friday, October 29, 2010

Two teen displays

I've done two new displays recently upstairs in our teen area. The space is one small shelf above our heater for now until I figure out how to rearrange everything. Apologies in advance for the less-than-spectacular photo quality.

First up, the Teen Read Week "Books with Beat" display:

This is the display in its full glory. Let's look to the left side first.

And now the right side.

I got one of my teen volunteers to decorate both of the vinyl albums. I told her I'd be using them in a display which got her excited. I picked a pile of them up for $.25 each at our Goodwill. My teen volunteers will be decorating a few more to help liven up the walls in the teen area.

I also pulled a few music-related titles and tried to stick to ones that really show cased the music aspect on the cover.

My display signage was, I think, one of the better ones I've done. When you don't have access to a good photo editing source, you make do. I got the vector image for free here. You do need to make an account, but it is totally free. I then added my own music clip art and added my words.

The second display was one I popped up this week and will likely leave up for another week while I figure out what I want to display through the end of the year. Given the time of year, you can guess what the theme is, right? Let's get scared:

It's a little mix of traditional horror with some spooky, eerie, or just creeptastic stories or books with covers fitting that bill.

Murky water, a carriage with sharp objects, and laser cut tree limbs qualify as scary in my book!

These probably qualify as a little more on the creepy side.

You get a glare when you take photos of signs in acrylic cases under light, so, there you have it. I dug out a witch hat and those two tissue ghosts from my storage closet in the basement and thought to use them for some props in this display. I found the border for this sign in Publisher, and I got the image from the fantastic image site stock exchange. That's another one you need to register for but it's free and worth the two minutes of your time.

That's what I've been displaying these last couple weeks. What about you?


  1. In our teen section, I think we've got a display of funny books. In the children's dept, I just took down "Fall" and put up "Yummy Books" (books about food). And we have a display on trains up because the model train guys are at our library all week...

  2. I have to carve out space in the children's department for sure -- we've been getting so much in I want to show off but can't yet. "Yummy Books" would be such a cool display, too!