Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bulletin board switch up

Remember when I made that Cybils bulletin board? Yep. I just got around to changing it, months later. I didn't do anything spectacular, but I like it. There are a couple things I plan on tweaking, but here it is. The theme? What's going on in the teen department now and what's coming up soon (this is because our teens are participating in a teen tech week program in the department for the next two weeks, and this will give them a heads up -- and keep your eyes here for more on that program soon):

That's the middle of the board -- we call our teen area "18 & Under @ APL" and since that's the motto I'm using on one of the summer reading promotional items. I am such a huge fan of the teen tech week poster this year, too. The bright green and the robot (!!!) totally speak to teens. That will be sticking around for a while.

There's a more head-on shot. The font's ganked from, and I printed each letter at 300 point.

And to the left, a feature on my high school book club. That image? One of my teens made that as the club's mascot, so I laminated it and popped it up to highlight it. Font again yanked from and blown up. Here's some more of that side of the board:

Some of the photos of our meetings, as well as one of our teen's cover redesigns (isn't it amazing?) and pictures of the books we've read.

So then on the other side of the poster are photos of past events (like our masquerade ball) and images for our upcoming events.

I want to jazz up this side a little bit more, which I plan on doing with photos from the teen tech week event as soon as it's over.

Now for the (somewhat) full effect:

I'll probably leave this up until summer reading, which I've got some ideas cooked up for already. I don't think the background will be black forever.

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