Friday, April 15, 2011

The ~big~ news

I found out about this on Wednesday, and I've been riding high on it for a while. But still, there is little more exciting than seeing your name in print!

And with that, voila!

I wrote the grant with three projects in mind; two were already set in motion (the easier ones) and the third I set to work on the second I found out about the grant. I'm so excited to get them going and talk about them further.

In short, there *is* grant money out there to be had. The competition is stiff, and it is a lot of work -- writing this grant took me a good six hour day, on top of a week's worth of an hour here and an hour there to get it set in motion. Then my lovely group of librarian cohorts read over my proposal and gave me valuable input to make it even better. Ten to fifteen hours of work for $1000 is totally worth it, though, especially knowing what value that amount of money will add to the teens' summer reading program this year.

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