Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reader's Advisory for Teens

While waiting for my exciting news on the grant front, I got to work on reader's advisory for teens like crazy. We haven't had tools in print for the teens to use in helping them find good reads, and it's something I believe is important in getting them to find books that meet their needs, particularly since many teens are reluctant to ask for help. It's been my goal to get some trifolds done before summer reading kicks in, and I'm extremely pleased with how they've turned out. So much so, that I've uploaded a my reader's advisory tools to share with anyone interested.

I've got four up and ready for consumption -- they're all in .pdf forms and lack library branding, so you're welcome to modify for yourselves. If you repost these anywhere, please give me credit, but the lists themselves are yours to borrow from.


They're all created in Publisher, and yes, I print them in color. It makes them pop just a little bit more. Also, since I've been asked and never mentioned it, I get all of my stock images from Stock Exchange. It is a fantastic resource for free stock photography. There are plenty you can pay for, but the free ones are really all you could ever ask for.


  1. Thank you SO SO SO much for these! Yesterday, I pulled all of our paranormal/supernatural books and put them on their own separate shelf and made spine labels to attach to each. The process took about a full day, so finding these to add to our display was just absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!