Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What we did in book club this week

My best book club turn out to date, both numbers-wise and fun-wise.

To discuss this week's pick, A. S. King's Please Ignore Vera Dietz, we decided to choose a character from the book and create a Post Secret style card. Since not all of the kids finished the book, I left it open to say they could do any character in any book. The results were, of course, awesome:

I took a pile of magazines for the teens to destroy, along with card stock. It's been told to me more than once that orange is the color du jour with the teens here, so I gave it to them.

Some of my kids were unfamiliar with the Post Secret blog, but I brought the book along to show them. This was a huge hit -- and in fact, it went home with one of the teens after the program. This thrilled me to think about the opportunities that exist for incorporating more activities like this one to discuss the book at hand and to expose the teens to even more cool stuff.

I hung them up in the teen area in one of our nooks to show them off. I love showing off the teen work in the teen space. It really makes it their own.

Of course, after we did this, there was plenty of free building with Legos. These teens cannot get enough of the Legos, and you know, I'm going to keep giving them to them.

If you're curious, Vera Dietz was the second most popular, well-liked, and lauded book we've read so far, just behind Paranoid Park. The teens loved the multiple voices and time periods, and they loved how strange it was. I asked if they thought it was Printz-worthy and there was a resounding yes. I'd do this book again in a heart beat!

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